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Largest Charity Organizations in The World

In our precious world, where the profit is the driving force of the economy, there are actually very large charity organizations that do an amazing work. The wealthiest charitable foundations list contains 37 biggest organizations, private foundations affianced in charity, and various other charitable foundations. All these foundations are non-profit foundations.

As per the professionals, it is an efficient business aptitude and powerful leadership skills that are manageable and can certainly bring some outstanding outcome for the charities. 

If an individual who is charity enthusiast and take a very active role of the major charities, then it may surprise them if somebody says that running a business and running a charity are completely different things. They believe that both are different and they don’t resemble at all, which is absolutely not true.

The Bill and Melinda foundation is a Gates foundation that ranks the world’s top richest charitable foundations in the US ranks.  A charity organization is established to help charitable concerns like medical research, education, and religion for the advantage of the public. The charity organization can either be a private or a public organization. However, public charity requests funds from the public whereas private charities rely upon a family, person, or corporation to help its cause. Currently, private charities have become very powerful in recent years and their contributions have surpassed those of international support foundations and administration.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

This foundation’s contributions valued at 42.3 billion dollars. It started as a private charitable foundation in 2000 by carrying profits from the tenure of a global technology giant, Microsoft. Through grants and donors, the organization search to support innovative projects mainly in the poverty area, education, and healthcare. The B &M Gate foundation serves the entire world and frequently joins with NGOs to reduce the world’s most imperative concerns like AIDS/HIV. The foundation’s healthcare budget alone surpasses that of the WHO (World Health Organization).

Stichting INGKA Organization:

This Foundation is established in the Netherlands, and its endowments worth at 34.63 billion dollars. The Stichting INGKA foundation was founded in Leiden in the year 1982 by Ingvar Kamprad, a popular Swedish Billionaire. Mr. Kamprad is the worldwide retailer of IKEA, and the foundation is the IGKA Holding owner. Its charity activities have lately been targeted at developing countries children and refugees. It is partnered with popular NGOs like the UN in developing programs that will have a major impact.

Wellcome Trust:

It is the second richest foundation in Europe with contributions worth at 26.0 billion dollars. The Welcome Trust started in 1936 with money left by Sir Henry Wellcome in his will. He was a pharmaceutical industrialist known for establishing Burroughs Wellcome and Company.  The foundation is established in London, and its main focus is on the biomedical research field. The organization funds new medical discoveries and latest medical methods. To notify the public, the organization publishes free journals. The Wellcome Trust has funded research into major apprehensions as the organ transplant and Ebola Virus.

HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute):

The HHMI is the second richest charitable organization in the United States with endowments valued at 18.2 billion dollars. The institute has been established in 1953, and it is established by Howard Hughes who is popular for his main connection with the Hughes Aircraft Company. The organization mainly supports biological and medical research and also science and education. The institute invests almost 82.5 million dollars in biomedical research yearly. The organization supports exceptions scientists and students in various disciplines, including neurosciences and genetics.

Charitable Foundations are admired globally for impacting the millions of lives with positivity. These wealthiest foundations are important associates of the governments in economic goals. In some incidents, the charity organizations serve to alleviate governments of their large social and financial burdens.

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